M Squad Vintage Police Decals and Much More...

Here's what a few of our customers have to say about M Squad:


The decals M Squad provided me for my 1970 NYPD RMP are GREAT!!!              I have had nothing but complients about them.                                                      M Squad was the only source I could find with these graphics and decals.          My car would not have turned out nearly as good without you guys.             Thanks a million.

Lt. J. E. DiCorpo --  Atlanta, Georgia


Really a great, accurate product with excellent service!  The unparalleled attention to detail is what sets these decals apart from others that I've seen.  People comment on the decals on my restored Cleveland Police squad car and I am very pleased with the results.  I'll be back again for more decals on my next squad car restoration! 

Thanks again for the great decals!

G. Savernik  -- Cleveland, OH

I am a perfectionist, and when I started to look for decals for my restoration I wanted the best looking decals, not blurry or fuzzy reproductions.  I bought my decals from M Squad, they are a fine reproduction and the best around.  My Montana Highway Patrol decals are right on the money!  M Squad is the only ones when you want quality.

Chris Hahn -- 1988 Ply Fury Montana Highway Patrol restoration

M Squad's graphics are second to none.  M Squad supplied the graphics for my NYPD and Missouri State Patrol restorations, and they are flawless.  Extremely friendly and professional operation.  No disappointments with the quality or attention to detail.  I won't hesitate to buy from M Squad in the future.

Phil Masso -- Smithfield, Rhode Island

I recently contacted M Squad for some custom decal work that I needed done for my 73 Matador which was a City of Concord, CA Police car.  With the limited information I knew of the decals and the relative dimensions, M Squad was able to reproduce the decals to look exactly like the originals.  To say the least, they looked outstanding.  I've gotten many compliments since they were applied, and nobody can believe that they are reproductions!  I was very impressed with their excellent service and turn-around time.  Thanks again guys!

I had heard through several people that M Squad was the place to go for Chicago Police Department decals.  I spoke with them, and was able to tell them exactly what I needed to complete the restoration on my 1967 Ford Custom Chicago Police Traffic Car.  The decals came out fantastic and added that finishing touch to my Ford.  I recommend M Squad to anyone who is restoring a police car.  A first-class operation.  Thank You!


M Squad provided the finest decals I could buy for my project and at a reasonable price.  The added attention to detail really stands out when compared to others and adds to the accuracy that I was looking for!

J. Rinella

M squad provides top quality products at fair prices.  The decals for the 1989 AZ Mustang SSP looked awesome...!!!

David Philipkoski

Great product.

John Wreford

When I began the project of restoring my 1966 Plymouth Fury as a New York State Police car, one of the hardest items to acquire for an accurate restoration was the period-correct graphics for the car. I looked locally in various graphics shops, but everyone wanted to do the lettering differenty and with non-correct materials. To the rescue came M-Squad. I had learned of M-Squad through on-line sources, including copcar.com. Upon contacting them, they took the job with great enthusiasm and dedication. The references and information I supplied to them was not only followed to a 'T', but I'm sure they went the extra mile and did additional research on their own, because the final product looks BETTER than the originals I have seen. Their accuracy is of utmost importance and their customer service is outstanding. If you're doing a vintage police car restoration, there is no other company to even consider except for M-Squad.

Det Thomas Sheehy
Clarkstown Police Department
New City NY
Owner, 1966 Plymouth Fury, New York State Police Replica VehiclePolice Traffic Car. 

 Thumbs up to MSQUAD on the graphics for my Illinois State Police 1977 Dodge Monaco.  It is great to finally see this car as it looked while in service.  The color match, material, and attention to detail are second to none.  The amount of time and care taken to ensure that the graphics were applied correctly was more than I could have asked for.  This vehicle will eventually go into the Illinois State Police museum in Springfield, IL and will be proudly displayed with your handiwork.  You guys are a true credit to those in the hobby who strive to achieve period correct restorations.  I urge anyone restoring a vintage emergency vehicle to contact MSQUAD for their markings.  I'm already anticipating the finished products for my next two vehicles.                   

Chris Lindahl
Patrolman, Chicago Police Department.
The decals are superb.  They pop from every angle.  I did not expect them to have such an effect on the car.  It went from "BLAH" to "KAPOW"!!!
Buzz Haze