M Squad Vintage Police Decals and Much More...

M Squad has been around for years, but has just surfaced to the mainstream to offer accurate graphics and equipment for Vintage Emergency Restorations.  You can count on our decades of technical as well as practical knowledge in the fields of Graphic Design, Law Enforcment and Vehicle Restorations.  The M Squad library contains thousands of pages of graphics, pictures, equipment, etc. that aides in the design process.   Our graphics are displayed on some of the finest award winning restorations across the country.  Many hours are spent designing our artwork.  We strive for perfection and stand behind all of our products.  Our satisfied customer base is proof of that!

A big THANKS to all that have contributed with artwork, dimensions, equipment, and pictures.  You know who you are, and M Squad could not be where it is today without your help!

A special THANKS to Dave Arnold from Copcar Dot Com www.copcar.com for his assistance.  

We are always on the lookout for adding new inventory to our product line.  Give us a buzz if you can help out to help further the hobby.