M Squad Vintage Police Decals and Much More...

Ordering Information:

Orders can be placed by email sales@msquadvpd.com through our website.  Please include your daytime phone number when ordering

Method of Payment:

We accept Paypal, money orders, cashiers's checks, bank drafts, and personal checks.  Note: personal checks may delay order 10 days until check clears.


We do not add a percentage to your order for shipping charges.  We only charge the cost of shipping (United States Postal Service) with a nominal ($3.00 - $5.00) for packing supplies.  Our items are packed secure to guarantee a safe delivery.  Insurance is extra unless stated otherwise; it is highly recommended.  M Squad is not responsible for lost packages in shipping.  See chart below for insurance fees.

Overseas Orders:

We ship packages all over the world.  Packages will be sent through the United States Postal Service.  All oversea orders must be insured!  Shipping charges are determined by the size, weight, destination, and quanity of packages.  All customs, dutys, and taxes are the responsibility of the consignee.  Payment by Paypal or International Money Order only.

Processing Orders:

Once an order is received we will contact you regarding a delivery date.  Some items are in stock and others are made on a per order basis.  Please take note that sometimes we may run into scheduling conflicts with our printers.  All are orders are important and will be processed as soon as possible.  If you require expidited service, please contact us and state your required due date.  Overnight shipping is available at an additional cost.

Damaged Merchandise:

All items leave our premises in excellent condition and are insured if you elect to pay for the extra service (unless otherwise noted.)  If you paid for insurance and you receive a damaged item due to damage to your package, please save your boxes, packing mateial, and damaged goods for the carrier to inspect.  USPS will take the necessary steps to settle your claim once it is filed.  Please do not return damaged goods to us.  We cannot replace goods until the claim is resolved.

Insurance Coverage Desired                                        FEE

$0.01 to $50                                                                             $1.35

$50.01 to $100                                                                         $2.30

$100.01 to $200                                                                       $3.35

$200.01 to $300                                                                       $4.40

$300.01 to $400                                                                       $5.45

$400.01 to $500                                                                       $6.50

$500.01 to $600                                                                       $7.55

$600.01 to $5,000                                                                    $7.55 + See note

NOTE:  $1.05 per $100 over $600 in declared value